Events in 2019:
Date Type of Event A F Name of Event Affected Area Top Recordings
Wed, 25.12.2019 Winterstorm A V Yadid,Zelio, Ailton Europe 194 kph in Cairngorm (GB), 180 kph in Valdezcaray (ES)
Wed, 18.12.2019 Winterstorm A V Toni,Veiko,Wilfried,Xander Europe 173 kph (FR), 115.8mm/24h (PT)
Wed, 11.12.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Belna Madagascar 148 kph in the Union of the Comoros
Fri, 06.12.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Kammuri Philippines 227.0 mm/24h in Casiguran (PH)
Fri, 29.11.2019 Storm / heavy precipitation A V Luis II Iberia, France, Italy, Alps 135.2 mm/24h in Cannes (FR), 154.9 kph in the Alps(AU)
Mon, 18.11.2019 Heavy snowfall/precipitation A V Heiner Austria, Croatia, Italy 137.6mm/24h (AU), 130 kph (AU)
Wed, 13.11.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Matmo/Bulbul Vietnam, India, Bangladesh 248.0 mm/24h in Quang Ngai (VN)
Tue, 12.11.2019 Heavy snowfall/precipitation A V Trudy Italy, Balkan 90mm/24h (IT), 133 kph (CR)
Wed, 30.10.2019 Heavy Rain A V - France, Spain, Italy 214,4mm/24h (FR), 117,4mm/24h (ES)
Thu, 17.10.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Hagibis Japan 942,5mm/24h, 260 kph
Fri, 04.10.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Azores Europe, Germany 145.4 kph in Horta (Faial)
Sun, 29.09.2019 Windstorm A V Mortimer Europe, Germany 148 kph Feldberg/Schwarzwald (DE)
Fri, 06.09.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Carribean, USA 386,3 mm in Pawleys Island (US)
Fri, 16.08.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Japan 387.0 mm in Ryujin (JP), 117.0 mm in Pos'Et (RU)
Tue, 13.08.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Taiwan, China 328.0 mm at Bailan (TW), 236.4 mm in Dinghai (CN)
Fri, 02.08.2019 Heat Wave A V Central Europe 42.6 °C in Lingen (DE)
Thu, 01.08.2019 Thunderstorms A V Central Europe 128.9 mm in Kreuth-Glashütte (DE)
Thu, 18.07.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Barry USA, Louisiana 595 mm at Ragley Station, +2.1 m at Berwick (USA)
Tue, 16.07.2019 Severe Thunderstorms A Souhtern/ Southeastern Europe 86.8mm/24h (PT)
Sat, 06.07.2019 Heat Wave A V Southern and Central Europe 39,3°C (DE), 45,9°C (DE)
Fri, 28.06.2019 Severe Thunderstorms A V Germany 70mm/24h (DE)
Fri, 14.06.2019 Severe Thunderstorms A V Bavaria and Berlin, Germany 70mm/24h and 119kph (DE)
Wed, 12.06.2019 Thunderstorms A V Jörn Germany 46 mm/24h (Klippeneck, DE)
Tue, 11.06.2019 Storm, heavy precipitation, thunderstorms A V Ivan Iberia, France, Benelux, Germany 58 mm/24h (ES), 129 kph (ES)
Mon, 10.06.2019 Thunderstorms A V Frank, Queenie Germany 49,1 mm/24 (Oberstdorf, DE), 104 kph (Weinbiet, DE)
Fri, 24.05.2019 Accumulated precipitation A V Zacharias, Axel Germany 200 mm/24h (DE)
Sun, 04.05.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Fani India, Bangladesh 279 mm/24h (BA), 159 kph (IN)
Tue, 02.04.2019 Heavy snowfall/precipitation A V Philipp Southern Alps 138 mm/24h, Mosogno (CH)
Thu, 28.03.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Trevor, Veronica Australia 459 mm/24h, Roebourne Airport
Thu, 28.03.2019 Winterstorm A V Eberhard, Franz, Co. British Isles, Central Europe, Europe 194 kph K13 (NE)
Wed, 20.03.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Idai Mozambique, Madagascar 339 mm/48h, Besalampy (MA)
Thu, 07.03.2019 Winterstorm A V Alexander, Bennet, Cornelius British Isles, Europe, Central Europe 244 kph (FR), 189 kph (GB)
Fri, 08.02.2019 Heat Wave / Flooding A Australia, Tasmania 49.3°C in Marble Bar, 1289.6 mm/7days in Woolshed
Fri, 08.02.2019 Winterstorm A V Stefan, Thomas, Uwe British Isles, Northern Central Europe 148 kph gusts and 60 mm/24h
Wed, 30.01.2019 Cold Spell A V Canada, Northern USA -47°C in Collins Bay, -32°C in Minneapolis
Mon, 09.01.2019 Heavy Snowfall A V Benjamin Central Europe
Sat, 05.01.2019 Tropical Cyclone A V Pabuk Thailand 270.5 mm/24h, Nakhonsi Thammarat (TH)
Wed, 02.01.2019 Winterstorm A V Marielou NW- to C-Europe 157 kph Brocken (DE)

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