Events in 2020:
Date Type of Event A F Name of Event Affected Area Top Recordings
Mon, 25.10.2021 Storm low A Hendrik II Central Europe 166 kph on Feldberg, 116 kph in Wuppertal.
Mon, 23.08.2021 Tropical Cyclone A V Henri USA, Canada 19.4 mm/h in New York. 116 kph on Great Gull Island.
Sun, 22.08.2021 Tropical Cyclone V Grace Mexico, Guatemala, Belize Category 3 Hurricane, 962 hPa minimum pressure
Mon, 19.07.2021 Flooding A V Bernd Central Europe 144.8 mm / 24h in Kall-Sistig (NRW)
Mon, 21.06.2021 Heat wave A V -- Central Europe 36.6°C in Baruth and Berlin-Tempelhof (DE)
Sun, 22.05.2021 Tropical Cyclone A V Tauktae India 220 kph sustained winds
Fri, 19.03.2021 Extratropical Cyclone A V Josef, Klaus, Luis Western and Central Europe 140 kph in Weinbiet
Tue, 09.03.2021 Tropical Cyclone A V Niran Australia, New Caledonia 245 kph sustained winds
Thu, 04.02.2021 Icing -- V Tristan Germany, Denmark, BeNeLux --
Sun, 31.01.2021 Flooding A V Southern Germany 10 year flood in Maxau (Rhine river)
Wed, 20.01.2021 Windstorm A V Goran Europe Cagnano (FR) 214 km/h

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