Events in 2024:
Date Type of Event A F Name of Event Affected Area Top Recordings
Mon, 10.06.2024 Heavy rains, river flooding A F Orinoco Southern Germany More than 220 mm/72 h in the Allgäu region
Mon, 27.05.2024 Heavy rains, river flooding A F Katinka Western Germany Up to 119.6 mm/48 h at Schweix, RP
Mon, 06.05.2024 Severe thunderstorms F Oklahoma Only few EF0 and EF1 tornadoes occurred
Sat, 04.05.2024 Severe thunderstorms A Flurina Western Germany 58.3 mm/h at Bad-Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
Wed, 24.04.2024 Flash flooding A Persian Gulf, Dubai 164 mm of rain in Dubai (200 % annual precipitation)
Fri, 12.04.2024 Extreme warmth A F Olli Central Europe Temperatures of up to 30.1 °C at Ohlsbach, BW
Fri, 08.03.2024 Extreme snow A F California Precipitation totals > 250 mm along the Sierra Crest
Wed, 28.02.2024 Storm low and Heavy snow A F Wencke Central Europe Wind gusts up to 141 kph, snow totals up to 70 cm
Sun, 28.01.2024 Heavy snow and icing A F Central Germany Fresh snow accumulations of up to 20 cm/24 h
Thu, 04.01.2024 River flooding A Germany, Lower Saxony Multi-decadal flooding along the Weser River

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