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Date Type of Event A F Name of Event Affected Area Top Recordings
Sun, 14.04.2022 Heavy rain / flooding A South Africa Acc. precipitation up to 400 mm, at least 395 fatalities
Wed, 02.03.2022 Flooding A Eastern Australia Accumulated precipitation up to 500 mm/7days
Tue, 22.02.2022 Tropical Cyclones A Emnati Madagascar Total precipitation up to 400 mm
Thu, 17.02.2022 Extratropical Cyclones A Ylenia and Zeynep Europe Gusts up to 160 kph at North Sea coast
Fri, 04.02.2022 Tropical Cyclone A Batsirai Mauritius, Madagascar Gusts up to 160 kph, total precipitation up to 500 mm
Fri, 28.01.2022 Winterstorm A Eastern USA Gusts up to 160 kph, enormous snowdrifts, damage by frost
Fr, 28.01.2022 Extratropical Cyclone A Nadia Germany, Denmark 965 hPa Core pressure, gusts up to 110 kph at German coasts
Thu, 16.12.2021 Tropical Cyclone A Rai Philippines 915 hPa Core pressure, 270 kph mean wind
Tue, 07.12.2021 Extratropical Cyclone A Harry UK, Scandinavia Gusts up to 120 kph at Ireland and Norway
Tue, 30.11.2021 Extratropical Cyclone A Daniel Central Europe Gusts up to 130 kph at North Sea Coast
Mon, 30.08.2021 Tropical Cyclone A Ida Eastern USA 930 hPa Core pressure, 241 kph mean wind
Tue, 13.07.2021 Flooding A Bernd Western and Southern Germany Up to 250 mm/120h in Western and Southern Germany
Thu, 20.05.2021 Extratropical Cyclone A Marco Western and Central Europe Up to 135 kph in Southern Ireland
Fri, 12.03.2021 Extratropical Cyclone A Luis Western and Central Europe Gusts op to 120 kph in Black Forest
Thu, 11.03.2021 Extratropical Cyclone A Klaus Europe Gusts op to 140 kph in Norway, up to 100 in Germany
Sun, 31.01.2021 Flooding A Central Europe HQ 2 to HQ 10
Mon, 16.11.2020 Tropical Cyclone A Iota Nicaragua, Honduras Gusts up to 225 kph
Thu, 17.09.2020 Medicane A Udine Greece Gusts up to 200 kph, locally more than 500mm rainfall
Wed, 02.09.2020 Tropical Cyclone A Maysak and Haishen South and North Corea Up to 210 kph in gusts

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