Events in 2020:
Date Type of Event A F Name of Event Affected Area Top Recordings
Sun, 20.09.2020 Medicane A V Ianos Mediterranean, Greece 148 mm/24h in Kalamata Airport (GR)
Sat, 11.09.2020 Tropical Cyclone A V Maysak, Haishen Japan, Korea 221 mm/24h in Bukgangneung
Fri, 29.08.2020 Tropical Cyclone A -- Laura USA 174 kph in Lake Charles (LA)
Sat, 15.08.2020 Heat wave A -- -- Central Europe 38.6°C in Trier (DE)
Sun, 19.07.2020 Monsoon/ Heavy precipitation A V -- Japan 429 mm/24h in Ushibuka, Japan
Tue, 23.06.2020 Thunderstorms/ Heavy precipitation A V Nadine Germany 68 mm/24h in Ahaus, Germany
Fri, 22.05.2020 Tropical Cyclone A V Amphan India, Bangladesh 261 mm/24h in Paradip (India)
Mon, 06.04.2020 Tropical Cyclone A V Harold Solomon, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga 213 mm/24h in Monasavu (Fiji)
Tu., 17.03.2020 Mild, wet, stormy winter A - Central Europe Wettest February ever in Northern Germany
Sat, 29.02.2020 Winterstorm A V Bianca Central Europe 172 km/h Chasseral (SW)
Wed, 12.02.2020 Winterstorm A V Sabine Europe 177 km/h at Feldberg (DE), 202 km/h Cairngorn (GB)
Sun, 09.02.2020 Winterstorm A V Ottilia Europe 119mm at Feldberg (DE), 213 km/h Cairngorn (GB)
Tue, 04.02.2020 Winterstorm A V Lolita Europe 143 kph at Feldberg (DE)
Mon, 13.01.2020 Winterstorm A V Fenja Europe 195 km/h Cairngorn (GB)
Thu, 09.01.2020 Heat wave A -- -- Australia 48.9°C in Penrith Lakes AWS

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