Events in 2023:
Date Type of Event A F Name of Event Affected Area Top Recordings
Sat, 03.06.2023 Tropical cyclone A MAWAR Guam & Japan Sustained winds of 295 kph, central pressure 897 hPa
Mon, 22.05.2023 Heavy rain A V Minerva Emilia-Romagna, Italy Precipitation totals > 200 mm/48 h, at least 14 deaths
Wed, 17.05.2023 Tropical cyclone A V MOCHA Myanmar, Bangladesh Sustained winds of up to 280 kph, at least 84 deaths
Wed, 19.04.2023 Tropical cyclone A ILSA Western Australia Wind gusts up to 218 kph at Bedout Island
Sun, 26.03.2023 Severe thunderstorms, Tornadoes A Southeastern US 13 confirmed tornadoes killing at least 26 people
Fri, 17.03.2023 Heavy precipitation A V California 7-day precipitation totals > 400 mm
Tue, 07.03.2023 Tropical Cyclone A - KEVIN Vanuatu 165 kph sustained winds, gusts up to 230 kph
Tue, 28.02.2023 Tropical Cyclone A V FREDDY Mauritius, La Reunion, Madagascar 270 kph sustained winds, more than 300 mm/48h
Thu, 19.01.2023 Heavy precipitation A V -- California Precipitation totals > 1000 mm
Tue, 03.01.2023 Unusual warmth A V -- Central Europe 20.8 °C in Wielenbach

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