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Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 18:30 UTC

Accumulated Precipitation, 31.01., 06 Z
Data Source: Wetterzentrale
Simulated snow depth, 27.01., 18 Z
Data Source: Wetterzentrale
Water level prediction Rhine Maxau, 26.01., 15 UTC
Data Source: Hochwasservorhersagezentrale BW
Analyse weather card, 28.01., 12 Z
Data Source: Wetterzentrale

Strong Thaw
South West Germany/Vosges/Northwestern Alpes

Issued: Tuesday, 26 December 2021, 18:30 UTC

Intense Rainfall in combination with high temperatures and strong snow melting will cause marginal floods in the area between thes vosges, black forest and the western and northwestern Alpes! Precipitation amounts up to 100 mm in 24 h will be expected in the higher areas of the black forest and northwestern Alpes!


A small low pressure system will develop from Wednesday to Thursday over Benelux. The system advect warm and moist air on the foreside northeastward. At the same time cold air move on the backside of another low pressure system, which is located over the east see southward. At the boarder the air is rising and precipitation occur. As a result intense rainfall will form on the southwestern side in the warm air mass. Additional to the continous rain comes a melting snow pack with depth over 30 cm in the higher areas of the black forest and the northwestern Alpes. This will cause overcatchments on smaller rivers, and on Friday and Saturday also a strong rise of the water levels in bigger rivers! Rain amounts over 30 mm in 24h will be expected in a wide area from West France to the north Alpes! In rain preferred areas in the black forest are accumulated precipitation amounts over 100 mm up to Saturday probable. In addition to the melting snow, water amounts of 130 mm will occur there!

Issued: January 26.01, 2021, 18:30 UTC

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