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Friday, 12 March 2021, 18:00 UTC

Sea level pressure and fronts, 13.03., 12 Z
Source: DWD
Daily gusts in kph, 13.03.
Data Source: DWD
850 hPa wind in kt, 13.03., 12 UTC
Source: Wetterzentrale
Significant weather, 13.03., 15 UTC
Data Source: Wetterzentrale

Extratropical Strom
Western / Central Europe

Issued: Tuesday, 26 December 2021, 18:30 UTC

A series of extratropical low pressure areas delivers windy conditions for consecutive days. LUIS will move over Scotland on tomorrow, Saturday, and cause gale-force wind speeds in Western and Central Europe.


Low pressure areas JOSEF and KLAUS passed over the northern Atlantic in the last days and caused wind gusts up to 130 kph at the western coastlines of GB and Ireland. They are followed by low LUIS which is responsible for widespread showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, especially in the southwest, with gale force gusts in the surrounding areas. With a core pressure of roughly 955 hPa, LUIS creates a widespread area of presusre gradient leading to strong winds. While yesterday, Thursday, there were squalls and locally severe gusts even in the warm sector without showers and thunderstorms in the northwest, tomorrow, Saturday, there will be the strongest wind gusts in the southwest in connection with heavy showers and sleet thunderstorms, as downdrafts in a convection cell will mix the strong winds aloft down to lower layers. Thus, severe gusts may occur in the proximity to the cold front in conjunction with heavy showers. After the passage of the cold front on Saturday evening, further showers and short thunderstorms will form in the cold air flowing in at high altitudes. At the same time, snow fall will start in the higher low mountain ranges above 600 m. At the beginning of next week, the inconsistent weather will continue in March. The maximum daily temperature will be 0 to 8°C and heavy snow or sleet may fall in heavy showers and thunderstorms down to the lowlands.

Issued: March 12, 2021, 18:00 UTC

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