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Current warnings, advices and remarks:

Tue, 21 May 2024, 08:00 UTC
Heavy rains, river flooding (17 - 24 May 2024)

Continuous heavy precipitation is expected over the central part of Germany, with local convective precipitation maixma, precipitation totals of up to 50 mm are possible. Flash flooding and mudslides are possible as a result of the saturated soils. more

Recent analyses:

Sat, 04 May 2024
Severe thunderstorms (02 - 03 May 2024)

The first outbreak of severe thunderstorm activity over Germany this year brought torrential downpours to the western half of Germany with hourly precipitation rates of up to 58.3 mm. more

Wed, 24 April 2024
Flash flooding (12 - 19 April 2024)

A strong trough induced severe convection over large parts of the Persian Gulf, leading to severe flash flooding. The city of Dubai received 164 mm of rain, twice the annual precipitation. more

Fri, 12 April 2024
Record warmth (05 - 09 April 2024)

A strong ridge brought unseasonably warm air masses to Europe, leading to record-breaking temperatures for the first decade of April with a maximum of 30.1 °C at Ohlsbach, BW. more

Brief overviews in German language:

Sun, 17 April 2022
Heavy precipitation - South Africa (11 - 14 Apr)

Heavy precipitation of more than 400 mm lead to flooding and landslides in South Africa. More than 13 000 buildings damaged, at least 395 fatalities. german english

Tue, 08 March 2022
Heavy precipitation - Australia (25 Feb - 07 March)

Abundant rain in southeast Queensland and eastern New South Wales. Up to 500 mm/7d accumulated precipitation. Severe flooding in densely populated areas (e.g. Sydney). more

Latest major events / CEDIM FDA reports / short reports:

Thu, 25 Apr 2023 - FDA Report (in German)
Extreme precipitation (14 - 17 Apr 2024)

A upper-atmospheric trough induced heavy precipitation across the Arabian Peninsula, inducing severe flooding along the Persian Gulf. The city of Dubai recieved 163.8 mm/48 h of rain. more

Fri, 20 Oct 2023 - FDA Report
Extreme precipitation (04 - 11 Sep 2023)

A cut-off low Daniel over the Mediterranean Sea brought extreme precipitation to Greece and Lybia, leading to more than 8,000 fatalities in Lybia due to the failure of two levees. more

Tue, 01 Aug 2023 - FDA Report (in German)
Global heat wave (May - July 2023)

A series strong heat waves affected large areas of the globe since the beginning of May 2023, leading to many new temperature records across the Northern Hemisphere. more

General overviews of meteorological phenomena:

Thu, 06 Apr 2023 - General Overview

Tornadoes are a stunning and deadly force of nature, causing extreme destruction in a very short time frame yet often confined to very small areas. more

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