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Thursday, 29 December 2022, 19:00 UTC

500 hPa geopotential and temperature
31.12., 15 UTC
Source: Wetterzentrale
Sea level pressure and fronts
31.12., 12 UTC
Source: FU Berlin and DWD
850 hPa temperature
31.12., 15 UTC
Source: Wetterzentrale
ICON ensemble forecast, 2 m temperature
Source: Wetterzentrale

Unusual warmth
Central Europe

Issued: Thursday, 31 December 2022, 19:00 UTC

Low pressure areas LIDDY and others direct mild air masses towards Central Europe. Record breaking temperatures of up to 20 °C are possible on December 31 in southwestern Germany.


A complex of several low-pressure systems directs extremely mild air masses over the Iberian Peninsula to Central Europe at the end of the year. This results in temperatures of up to 12 °C in Germany at 850 hPa. At surface level, record-breaking temperatures of up to 20 °C are possible. The warmest temperature ever measured in Germany in the last ten days of December dates back to 2022, with a temperature of 19.0 °C in Kaufbeuren on 30 December. Buchenbach and Munich also recorded 18.3 and 18.2 °C, respectively. For the whole month of December the warmest ever recorded temperature is 20.5 °C in Piding on December 10, 2015.

In Rheinstetten, the temperature on New Year's Eve never rose above the mark of 15 °C. In 2017, the previous record value was reached here with 14.6 °C. This record will be broken next Saturday for sure.

Issued: December 29, 2022, 19:00 UTC

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