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Tuesday, 22 November 2022, 14:00 UTC

Surface analysis with outlined named surface lows,
22.11, 00 UTC
Source: FU-Berlin
Peak wind gusts over Italy and the
Mediterreanean Sea
22.11 14 UTC
Source: Wetterzentrale
Accumulated precipitation over Italy and the
Mediterreanean Sea
until 23.11 12 UTC
Source: Wetterzentrale
Accumulated fresh snow precipitation over
Italy and the Mediterreanean Sea until
23.11 12 UTC
Source: Wetterzentrale

Extratropical Cyclone

Issued: Tuesday, 22 November 2022, 14:00 UTC

Strong extratropical low DENISE is situated over the Italian Peninsula. DENISE is expected to bring heavy rain and winds into large parts of Italy. In higher altitudes in the Southern Alps intense snowfall is possible.


From a broad trough over the British Isles, a secondary trough over the Mediterranean Sea developed in the past days, plunging southwards over Italy. Accompanied to said trough is a strong surface low, with its center close to the capital Rome.

The low is accompanied by strong winds, especially over the open Mediterranean Sea or in exposed locations, while strongest winds caused by a strong Mistral Wind south of the French Coast. On Corsica wind speeds of over 130 km/h were already observed. Over Italy wind speeds of over 90 km/h are expected in the coming hours, in exposed locations even higher wind gusts.

Intense precipitation is also expected with this system, 24 h rain totals are expected to reach more than 70 mm, with highest precipitation amounts expected in the Po-Delta. In mountainous regions higher amounts can be expected. Along the Southern Alps, especially along south-easterly flanks, intense precipitation is expected as the air must rise over the mountains. Above 1000 m, precipitation is mostly expected as snow, especially in the regions of South Tyrol and Veneto snow accumulations of over 30 cm / 24 h are possible, impacting travelling capabilities in the Southern Alps. Along Dinaric Alps, mainly at westerly to south-westerly facing flanks, intense precipitation is also expected today.

Issued: November 22, 2022, 14:00 UTC

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