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Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 21:30 CET

850 hPa Temperature, 30.01., 12 UTC
Image Credit: Wetterzentrale
Windchill Temperature, 30.01., 09:40 UTC UTC
Image Credit: Meteociel
Satellite image (Michigan), 27.01.,
Image Credit: Nasa earth oberservatory
850 hPa Temperature, 02.02., 18 UTC
Image Credit: Wetterzentrale

Cold spell - Warning
Northern USA, Canada

Issued: Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 21:30 CET

Stratospheric warming leads to arctic outbreak over Canada and northern USA. Temperatures down to -40°C and below. Windchill temperatures down to -55°C and below. Lake effect may lead to enormous snow amounts.
30-31 January 2019

Another arctic Outbreak, caused by a section of the polar vortex reaching far to the south, causes historically low temperatures in Canada and the USA. With Temperatures down to -40°C the Midwest and Northeast are particularly affected. The windchill temperatures are even lower because of wind velocities up to 60 kph.

Minimum Temperatures (30 Jan, 18 UTC), data source: National Weather Service

Location 12h Minimum Temperatur in °C
30 Jan, 18 UTC
Collins Bay (Canada)
Carberry (Canada)
Yorkton (Canada)
Fargo (North Dakota)
Rochester (Minnesota)
Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
Waterloo (Iowa)
Minneapolis (Minnesota)

The high temperature difference between air and water leads to strong lake effect precipitation especially on the eastern coasts of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Hudson and Lake Erie. Although the arctic air hardly brings any moisture, the stations Traverse City-Cherr and Muskegon in the east of Lake Michigan registered 30 cm of fresh snow since January 27.

Total snow amount (30 Jan, 18 UTC), data source: National Weather Service

Location Total snow amount in cm
30 Jan, 18 UTC
Lake Superior Provincial Park (Canada)
Wawa (Canada)
Tobermory (Canada)
Traverse City-Cherr (Minnesota)
Muskegon (Minnesota)
Chicago (Illinois)

Not only the cold temperatures are remarkable, but also the temperature fluctuations. The station Chicago recorded a temperature of 2°C at 12 UTC on 28 January. 48 hours later the temperature was -27°C. According to the latest forecasts, the temperature will be -5°C 48 hours later and +4°C 96 hours later. A similar situation shows the city of Minneapolis, where the temperature will rise from -30°C on 30 January at 12 UTC to +3°C on 03 February at 12 UTC.

Temperature forecast from 30.01., 12 UTC
Image Credit: Wetterzentrale

Issued: Jan 30, 2019, 21:30 CET

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