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Sunday, November 18th, 2018, 18:30 CEST



November 14th-17th , 2018

Satellite image (infrared) from NOV 15th, 2018 18 UTC
Source: Dundee Satellite Recieving Station

Cyclone GAYA which made landfall on the east coast of the Indian Peninsula at November 15th, 18 UTC, produced wind speeds of up to 100 km/h and precipitation of up to 88 mm in 24 hours in the state of Tamil Nadu.


Cyclone GAYA developed on November 10th in the Bay of Bengal. Due to high water temperatures of 28°C, the system could intensify and accumulate abundant amounts of water. With a slow but steady movement to the west, GAYA hit the state of Tamil Nadu on November 15th around 18 UTC. About 24 hours later, the center of the cyclone left the mainland again over the west coast of the state of Kerala. In the Arabian Sea, the cyclone experienced a renewed intensification, which remained without consequences.


The Indian measurement stations did not record exceptionally high wind speeds during the main synoptic dates. From November 15th 12 UTC until 16th at 12 UTC, a total precipitation over 50 mm was recorded at many stations in Tamil Nadu. The highest value is provided by the station Cuddalore with 87 mm in 24 hours.

850hPa wind during landfall, 850hPa wind during highest intensity in re-intensificaton, 24h precipitation from NOV 16th 12UTC | Sources: Wetterzentrale, Wetterzentrale, ogimet

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