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Sunday, 22 Aug 2021, 12:00 UTC

Forecasted trajectory of Super Typhoon
CHANTHU, 11.09.
Source: JWTC
Wind gust speed in kt, 12.09., 09 UTC
Source: Windy
5 day accumulated precipitation, 16.09., 12 UTC
Source: Windy
Satellite image (visible) of CHANTHU, 11.09., 06 UTC

Tropical Storm
Taiwan, China

Issued: Saturday, 11 Sep 2021, 12:30 UTC

Super Typhoon CHANTHU is passing 50km east of Taiwans eastern Coast as a powerful Super Typhoon with sustained mean winds of up to 120 kt. CHANTHU is forecasted to make landfall on 13 September in the area of Shanghai.


Super Typhoon CHANTHU originated from a tropical depression around 17°N eastwards of the Philippine Islands. Nearly perfect conditions in the Pacific Warm Pool lead to fast and continous intensification until September 8, on which CHANTHU reached its initial peak intensity as a Category 5 Typhoon with 1-min sustained wind speeds of up to 140kt. After two eyewall replacement cycles, which led to a slight reduction in intensity, CHANTHU reached its absolute peak strength at 10 September on 18 UTC with 1-min sustained wind speeds of up to 155kt.As of 12:00 UTC September 11, Typhoon Chanthu is located near 21.8°N, 121.8°E, about 369 km south of Taipei, Taiwan. Maximum 10-minute sustained winds are at 105 kt, with gusts up to 150kt while maximum 1-minute sustained winds are at 120kt. The minimum central barometric pressure is 920 hPa, and the system is moving north-northeast at 8 kn.

Wind speeds of up to 100kt have to be taken into account at the eastern coast of Taiwan. However, no landfall is expected here. On its further trajectory, CHANTHU will enclose to the eastern coast of China and possibly make Landfall in the area or slighly southward of Shanghai. Orographic rain on the western part of the system may lead to abundand precipitation. Accumulated rainfall amounts of up to 700mm cannot be excluded.

Issued: Sep 11, 2021, 12:30 UTC

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